Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming Changes to Blackthorne

The Blackthorne Community has been progressing nicely and I hope everyone is happy with things. If not feel free to let me know! We have put in several water sims recently along with our beach, Minh's Crab Shack. What is next?

Well now that I am done with our website I will be building and developing more. First thing will be to add a small mall. NO! This is not intended to be a high traffic, high lag thing. I will be asking only a hand full of my favorite builders and creators to participate, such as Devine Discipline and Monica Jewell, whose work we already use on our lands. I will also add a few affiliate vendors from some of the best, such as Sex Gen, Sensual Stone Works and Hippo Tech.

Additionally, I hope to expand the dungeon, add some more furnishings to our tea house and add one or two nice rental skyboxes. These will be essentially free to estate group members, but will cost a little more to others (75 Linden Maybe).

We have developed a number of popular events. We'll be adding new events aimed towards fixing people up such as D/s speed dating or possible even "Slave" auctions, but geared more towards making good matches than making people money.

Have an idea? Great! Let us know!

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