Monday, April 28, 2008

Our First Blackthorne Admiral is Crowned!

I have been quite busy with our new website (see next post) and other projects around Blackthorne. We have grown quite a bit, with several new water sims. Blackthorne Abyss has our new beach! We hosted a nautical week to celebrate our new water sims, with Beach Music, a Pirate Contest with LadySoft...the Whispering DJ and we capped it off with our first sail boat races!

Stephanie Lindman set up a tough course. Everyone one had a great time trying to get their best times in. Horatio Clawtooth put up an impressive time early on. Contenders were vanquished time and again. Then Trinity appeared in her impressive pirate garb and it looked like all was lost. The start was tense, Horatio looked like he might lose this on on the first leg as Trinity gained an early advantage. But as in all other races, Horatio's down wind leg was unstoppable and he again triumphed.

So everyone give Horatio a hearty Ahoy Mate when next you see him! And sorry...I somehow failed to photograph him..but you can often find him out sailing the Blackthorne Waters. I promise to be more timely from now on with posts too!

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