Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Everyone!!
If you have not heard yet, Many changes have taken place on Blackthorne Gardens.  Minh had Sold it to Me, Trinity, A Few years ago and it has been a slow evolution to the point we are at.  We are the last of the Blackthorne Estates and we continue to thrive, have fun and still have a dance once in a while.  We still have a few faces that you might remember and true to the Blackthorne theme we are still a BDSM community with a few fun places to hang out. 
Things have changed a lot.....The latest news, Eva married Bella this Friday Evening  and it was a beautiful ceremony and the dance that followed, Rocked !!!

Now for the newest News....... Trinity is engaged to her loving and Devoted pet, Armunn!!   A date has yet to be set but be prepared as it will be in the near future as they get themselves and their girls settled in there new home on Blackthorne Garden Estates.

I will be working on this blog more as the time go on so check back often as we keep you more up to date on the events and the happenings from Blackthorne Garden Estates.

Trinity Isabella

Monday, February 22, 2010

Relay for Life is Comming to Blackthorne...

Blackthorne Gardens is Proud to be a host for this years events for the Relay for Life Charity.
Mark you calendars for some fun events as we are going to be going all out with this for everyone in ours and other communities around Second Life.
To Help this along, Kiosks will be placed around the grounds and in the club areas for all to help us achieve our goals. Remember that all proceeds go to the American Cancer Society but is being done on a global scale...

Triple Concert: Monday March 15th, 7:00 - 10:00 PM SLT
Lots of music, dancing and some surprises.

Jail & Bail: Sunday April 11th, 5:00 PM SLT - Whenever
Lock em up or bail them decide....this will be an all day event so be ready to party and lock up your favorite pet, gf/bf or wife/hubby....

Bid Bald: Monday May 17th, 7:00 - 9:00 PM SLT
You remember last year, Minh, Steph and others went bald.........well this year promises to be just as exciting with more hair cuts and some special guests might even opt for a hair cut!
Don't miss it.

Date Auction: Monday June 7th, 7:00 - 9:00 PM SLT
want a date with a miss? how about a dragon.........? You never know what might happen at this event so bring your best smile, lots of cash and win your dream date at this event....

Check back soon for more details on this and more events as they get planned.

See you there!

Trinity Isabella

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Been to our events lately?

No clubhouse or club in all of SL can come close to what the Events Department team has been working on these past few months. It's been a slow, evolutionary process handling the events at the clubhouse since it first opened its doors. We've experimented a lot, learned and had fun along the way.

Now, we can confidently say that all the hard work, patience, and planning has paid off. Each week we turn the clubhouse into a spectacular themed set, and although you are still in the comfort and familiarity of the Blackthorne Estates Clubhouse that you all know and love, you never step into the same place twice.

Our themes have ranged from Disco Night (pictured above), Biker Bar, Phantom of the Opera, Hippie Night, Enchanted Forest and much much more!! What pulls it all together are you, our friends, neighbors, and patrons showing up ready to party and dressed in theme. Hell Night was full of mischevious and fun naughtiness. And the 1950's End of Summer BBQ was darling and fun as we went back to the past.

The DJs Night Alexandre (live on Tuesdays 9-11pm slt) and LadySoft Alexandre (live on Fridays 9-11pm slt) have been pulling out all the stops too! Their ever growing and awesome collection of tunes are set to match our always changing moods and themes, creating the perfect environment.

So, along with the physical changes, we have also been playing with the idea of creating 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes. But on the nights where we get 3-4 pages filled on the contest board it is so much more fun for everyone to win. Everyone is welcome to party at our clubhouse, we are the friendliest, most welcoming BDSM community in all of SL so make sure you bring your friends in too when you come party. Always the more the merrier.... in these cases anyway. ;)

Not sure what to wear to our events? The Clubhouse is usually set up and ready for exploring and use the day before the event (keeping time zones and global locations in mind, of course). You can always come get inspiration. 

Also, we set out real props, toys, and furniture for couples and groups. These are there for enjoyment, use, and sometimes naughtiness! Don't be shy to be public and open about having fun!

The fun doesn't last JUST two hours. Make sure you come down to our Clubhouse anytime to enjoy yourself, relax, and have a good time.

Also, starting this Friday, September 4th, make sure you start taking pictures at the events and sending them to: for your chance to have your favorite clubhouse pictures put up on our blog!

Friday, August 7, 2009

I Have Sold Roissy

As many of you may know, I have sold Roissy. It was a very difficult decision, but thing in my real life were taking time. Roissy deserves someone with more time than I could give it. This will also give me more time for Blackthorne! You should see me around more.

I expect that our Roissy friends will still visit us as we will visit them too.

Also I am shutting down the Roissy Blog, and will use this one from now on.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Miss Sha and Pasque Wedding Vows Exchanged

Sha Serevi and Pasque Siddeley were united in matrimony in a beautiful ceremony on Saturday, June 20, at 8:30 am, SL time.

The bride wore white and was lovely in a dress especially designed to fit her gentle nature. Mistress Sha wore off white and her dress emphasized her charming nature.

The wedding was interrupted by Second Life disruptions, but Pearl Shieldmaiden stood in for the minister and administered perfect vows for the happy couple.

A reception followed with dancing and smoochy music.

The couple had been together for a year, and engaged for over 9 months. They each proclaim their love for the other.

The couple will continue to live in the Roissy community.

Please congratulate this happy couple.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Second Life Vigil for Iranian Freedom Fighers

Madison Arnahan of the Palais Orleans Art Studio and Designs has set aside a space on the front steps of her studio to honor the Freedom Fighters of Iran. Black candles with green strips representing solidarity for the Iranian Freedom Fighters are located at this site. A Solidarity poster is available at the site and is free for those who want to post a copy.

Madison expresses her deepest respect and heartfelt prayers for the brave Iranian men and women who are daily willing to give up their lives for the gift of freedom. She urges all to share her vigil.

Search for the Palais Orleans Art Studio and Designs for the location of her studio and her monument placed in honor of these heroes.

Memorial for Sir Angstrom Cazalet

Sir Angstrom Cazalet passed away on June 12th. Sir Angstrom was one of the original Roissy Masters, and his many friends at Roissy will sorely miss him.

A memorial honoring Sir Angstrom's life with his Roissy friends was held on Thursday, June 18th in the Palas ballroom. Many of his friends were in attendance.

Elizabeth Weinberg, Miss Di Milev, Miss Jayne Barr, and his sub Jadeflower Wilder spoke passionately of their love for Sir Angstrom and his contribution to each of us at Roissy. Finally, Miss Zen Zemlja read a touching poem, speaking of loss and of hope.

Over 22,000L was contributed by members of the Roissy community to Relay for Life in the name and memory of Sir Angstrom which speaks of the high regard the community held for Sir Angstrom.

A plaque honoring Sir Angstrom's life will be placed in the newly constructed Remembrance Chapel behind the Palais. Miss Deusen Marx generously agreed to construct the chapel as a place for solace and meditation. Once completed, the Roissy community will be invited to use the chapel as a place of quiet remembrance for those we have lost and those of our friends who are dear to us all here at Roissy.

Below is a poem contributed by Sir Angstrom's sub and placed on Sir Angstrom's obituary:

I feel like a rose of glass,
which blooms when you are present.

But when you leave,
so does balance.

What remains is nothing
but shards without you,
unconnected parts.

Jadeflower Wilder

Please make contributions to Relay for Life if you want to remember Sir Angstrom with a gift.