Monday, August 25, 2008

This Weeks Events 8-26/8-30 2008

Events August 26-30, 2008

Tuesday, August 26 (12-3PM): Nico Presents: Ear Sex - Nico spins an assortment of music that ranges from Arabian Bellydancing to Industrial-Metal. As always, clothing optional, so feel free to join the naked kitten as she plays some of the most orgasmic tunes around.

Wednesday. August 27 (6-8AM): Armunn's Weird Breakfast Radio -
Tune your radios to Minh-dustrial sounds and wake up to some music you've probably never heard before. It's a collection of TV tunes, J-Pop, weird covers and I'll introduce more of you to the sounds of Australia. Come down club house and chat or simply start your day dancing.

(12-3PM): Come on out to Stephanie's Secret Garden for Franklyn's selection of his favorite Goth, neo-folk and similar songs. Good company, good music and good dancing for all. We'll also have 1000L minimum in the prize pool for best Goth Look!

(8-10PM): LadySoft...The Whispering DJ - Good Kitties are welcome too! Come on out to Blackthorne in your ears and tails and join us for some great music, great company and great dancing! LadySoft always digs deep to to bring you the best rock, metal and more from the last 3 decades. She takes requests too!

Thursday, August 28 (11AM-1PM): Bondage Brunch - Open discussion on BDSM and D/s lifestyle related issues both on and offline. *This week the discussion will focus on the unique issues of online relationships.*

Friday, August 29 (4-6AM): Sub's Playtime - It's time for the sub's to play and give their Mistresses and Masters a well earned break. So new or old, if your a pet, pony, sub or slave come down and play while your Dominant relaxes with a drink and good conversation. Miss Armunn will be providing the tunes and a firm hand when needed.

(8-10) Romantic Restraints -
Minh-Dustrial sounds will be hosting the new and improved Romantic Restraints. Dom(me)s are encouraged to bring their pets, slaves and such for a romantic evening with Minh providing the evenings sound track of jazz, ambient and other down tempo, sensual songs for your enjoyment.. Subs are encouraged, but not required to be on leash.

Saturday, August 30 (6-8AM)
Armunn's Smooth Saturday-Morning Sounds - Hi all. Tune your radios to Minh-Dustrial Sounds or join me on the beach at Minh's Crabshack and relax to some smooth music including soul, jazz and other sounds.

Monday, August 11, 2008

This Weeks Events


  • Tuesday, August 12 (8-9AM): Staff Meeting @ Clubhouse

(1-3PM): Romantic Restraints; MinhDustrial sounds spins romantic jazzy tunes, no gimmicks, no games, just good company and good music.

  • Wednesday, August 13 (12-3PM): DJ Franklyn plays goth, rock 'n roll, old school, and neo-folk @ Clubhouse

(5-7PM): Master Trainer North Habsburg presents his class "Emerging Dominants" @ Town Square

(8-10PM): LadySoft the whispering DJ

  • Thursday, August 14 (7-9PM): Nico's Ear Sex; her favorite songs on the radio and all the friendly chatter you can take in your ear-holes.

  • Saturaday, August 16 (8-10PM): Romantic Restraints

Nico's 21st Birthday-Suit Party!

I am finally 21!

I celebrated my 21st birthday at the clubhouse at BTE, this past Thursday, August 7, '08. It was great, and my dream came true when EVERYONE arrived naked! Everyone was probably expecting it (I never wear clothes). The greatest part about it is that I got to spend it with Master and my two sisters. It couldn't have been better, and most (but obviously not all) of the people that I cared about the most were able to come celebrate with me. Too bad we only have one birthday a year... it's my favorite holiday :D!

Aside from the birthday party, I was promoted to GM this past week as well. I'm honored to be trusted with this responsibility, and I won't let anyone down. When Minh first told me about Blackthorne months ago, I was so excited about the idea. I didn't expect it, however, to become my home. I love and believe in Blackthorne, you all know where to find me :D