Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Coming Changes to Blackthorne

The Blackthorne Community has been progressing nicely and I hope everyone is happy with things. If not feel free to let me know! We have put in several water sims recently along with our beach, Minh's Crab Shack. What is next?

Well now that I am done with our website I will be building and developing more. First thing will be to add a small mall. NO! This is not intended to be a high traffic, high lag thing. I will be asking only a hand full of my favorite builders and creators to participate, such as Devine Discipline and Monica Jewell, whose work we already use on our lands. I will also add a few affiliate vendors from some of the best, such as Sex Gen, Sensual Stone Works and Hippo Tech.

Additionally, I hope to expand the dungeon, add some more furnishings to our tea house and add one or two nice rental skyboxes. These will be essentially free to estate group members, but will cost a little more to others (75 Linden Maybe).

We have developed a number of popular events. We'll be adding new events aimed towards fixing people up such as D/s speed dating or possible even "Slave" auctions, but geared more towards making good matches than making people money.

Have an idea? Great! Let us know!

Bondage Ball King/Queen and Pearl are crowned!

Our second Bondage Ball was a blast! Due to scheduling conflicts we had it on a sub-optimal day and we still peaked at over 20 people! The crowd was great! We chatted, danced and flirted the night away. Many regulars were there, Iosef, Tabitha, Steph to name a few. As always our staff was unparalleled. Need I say that Minh-Dustrial Sounds did a great job with the music?

Well better than the music was the group. Beautiful! Sylverre showed up, to provide inspiration to other seekers of the Blackthorne Pearl Title. Sadly Trinity couldn't make it at that time. But Tabitha did her proud.

As the evening progressed, old friends chatted, new acquaintances became friends. Loving IM's were exchanged. As the night closed we opened things up to vote for our King/Queen and Pearl. The voting was furious and in the end ... congratulations to Tabitha for being the Bondage Ball Pearl! (Sorry hon, In the IM hell i was in i failed getting a pic of you. You were beautiful!)

Our King/Queen was much more complicated. We ended in a three way tie! Thomas, Nadine and AquaFox! We took the tie breaker to the managers, and while each one was awarded the title of Blackthorne King or Queen, Nadine was awarded the Crown! Congrats All! (Thomas views his newly won Domain to the left).

Look forward to more fun events coming soon!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Our First Blackthorne Admiral is Crowned!

I have been quite busy with our new website (see next post) and other projects around Blackthorne. We have grown quite a bit, with several new water sims. Blackthorne Abyss has our new beach! We hosted a nautical week to celebrate our new water sims, with Beach Music, a Pirate Contest with LadySoft...the Whispering DJ and we capped it off with our first sail boat races!

Stephanie Lindman set up a tough course. Everyone one had a great time trying to get their best times in. Horatio Clawtooth put up an impressive time early on. Contenders were vanquished time and again. Then Trinity appeared in her impressive pirate garb and it looked like all was lost. The start was tense, Horatio looked like he might lose this on on the first leg as Trinity gained an early advantage. But as in all other races, Horatio's down wind leg was unstoppable and he again triumphed.

So everyone give Horatio a hearty Ahoy Mate when next you see him! And sorry...I somehow failed to photograph him..but you can often find him out sailing the Blackthorne Waters. I promise to be more timely from now on with posts too!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our First Ever "Blackthorne Puppet" is Crowned!

Our very first "Love Doll Pageant" was a great success. Thanks to Nicolette for doing the planning and Manwa, Zulie, Supergirl and Iosef for their help too!

The turn out for the Pageant was better than I expected. We had several wind-up dolls, a maid, a latex bondage doll...and perhaps the most devious of accountant doll! A total of 8 entrants and an enthusiastic group of spectators and judges as well.

The music was great (although I am biased) and we had a great time. So....our first "Blackthorne Puppet" is....Rachel Breaker!! Her Wind Up Doll was amazing. Custom anims and perfect skin, clothes and yes a bathing cap! Feel free and IM her to congratulate her! Look forward to our next events!