Saturday, June 28, 2008

Organising thoughts. did not save. This was where I wrote my thoughts process of wht I wanted to write about....As you can see I am still very much in the newbie school of Blackthorne Blogs. Gooing to try again before asking for help, although so many people have offered assistance, advice etc if I ever should reuire it.

Where was I ?



This is going to be split between:

SL: events, learning, experiences and gernal SL diary

RL: bdsm events, munches, and other activities I am involved in, (Trolldoll...aka Bighugs) In common they both wear the red santas hat in regardless of sl or rl.

And of course anything eles which springs to mind in that radium process of blogging.

Best wishes, TD

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Asian Night Was Sushi-Rific!

Wow what a great time. So fun in fact that I managed not to take pictures again! We had about 20 people turn out and 3 pages in the contest board. The outfits were amazing! The music was (i am biased) awesome and we all had a wonderful time. We'll be holding this event again soon!

Change in time for Mer Event

Due to several requests, and the fact that I actually have something to do Friday, we'll move the Mer event to Thursday 8pm - 10pm SLT. Thanks for your understanding all!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Events for this week!

Tuesday Jun 24
1pm Romantic Restraints
A great time to come visit with your neighbors and meet new people.

Wednesday Jun 25
12pm DJ Franklyn Plays goth'n roll, oldschool and neo-folk
Franklyn always rocks the house!

8pm LadySoft...The Whispering DJ
BAD KITTY!! 1000L neko contest and great music!

Thursday Jun 26
8pm Romantic Restraints

Friday Jun 27
8pm Mer Night!
Our first ever event for mermaids and mermasters. Minh-Dustrial sounds
will be playing great music and 1000L prize pool for the mers.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Four New Puppets Crowned!!

Our Love Doll Pageant last Saturday (June 14th) was a smashing success! The turn out was amazing, especially for summer and we had some wonderful love dolls!

We danced danced danced. The conversation was great and some really innovative outfits. Sylverre was a wind up doll, with custom anims, we had a few latex dolls. Yerrika was a tiny Fairy Doll (very cute). A lot of people came to look and chear on the contestants.

As we dance and people joined the prize pool increased from 3000 L$ to 5000L$! So...I bet your wonddering who won? Well, as voting time approached, the contestants all got on stage and danced for us while we cheered and voted. It was close! And the winner is....

Sylverre Dreamscape
Xev Hallard
Stephanie Lindman
Psykira Kohime

That is right! It was a four way tie with each getting 3 votes. Several people got 2 as well. More They all received the Blackthorne Puppet title, the lindens of course and Xev and Psykira became the newest Blackthorne Estate members. Give them a warm welcome when you see them!

Look forward to more great events soon!

This Weeks Event Schedule (June 16-June 22)

I am going to try very hard to post the coming week's event schedule on the blog. We may well still have some impromptu events, but this should cover most of it.

I hope to soon set up an RSS feed on the home page. You can also set up an RSS feed to your own mail client if you like and make it easier to keep track of things. it is !

MondayJun 16 1pmRomantic Restraints
TuesdayJun 17 8pmRomantic Restraints
WednesdayJun 18 12pmDJ Franklyn Plays goth'n roll, oldschool and neo-folk
8pmLadySoft...The Whispering DJ
ThursdayJun 19 1pmAsian Night
FridayJun 20 8pmHarem Night!!
SaturdayJun 21 8pmAsian Night

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Love Doll Pageant Coming Soon!!!

Make sure and be on this Saturday 8-10 pm SLT!! We will be hosting another love doll pageant! The first one was amazing fun! We had wind up dolls, latex dolls, maid dolls and even an accountant doll...scary!

So get your love doll look together and join us for a night of great music, conversation and of course love dolling! Minh-dustrial Sounds will be DJing. I'll also have 3000L in the prize pool to start with and increase it as people join. The winner will also receive a free membership to the Estate group (normally a 350L cost and soon to be a monthly fee). More importantly however, is it will be a really good time!

See you there!

Our First D/s Speed Dating Event was Fun!!

We all know summer is slow! We all like to spend time outside, so it is now surprise things were a bit slow. In fact our first two tries, I must admit were very slow.

The 1-3 time only a couple people showed up and they were all sub. So we just retired to the club house and danced and chatted. A few more people showed up and we had a wonderful time none the less.

The 5-7 time I was unable to attend, but I understand also slow.

The 8-10 time however went very well. We had 7 or so active participants and a few observers (whom we must turn to the dark side). After some initial organization all the dommes (no doms this time) sat down and we began to chat with the subs. I must say, the quality of the turn out was fantastic. Great Mistresses and very worthy subs.

We spent about an hour doing the speed dating. We then retired to the club house and and had a wonderful night dancing, chatting flirting. We finally all went to bed about 11 pm SLT! I think some matches were even made!

We will definitely do this again! I had a great time and I think the others did too during the 8-10 slot. Next time I will even take pictures!