Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Our First D/s Speed Dating Event was Fun!!

We all know summer is slow! We all like to spend time outside, so it is now surprise things were a bit slow. In fact our first two tries, I must admit were very slow.

The 1-3 time only a couple people showed up and they were all sub. So we just retired to the club house and danced and chatted. A few more people showed up and we had a wonderful time none the less.

The 5-7 time I was unable to attend, but I understand also slow.

The 8-10 time however went very well. We had 7 or so active participants and a few observers (whom we must turn to the dark side). After some initial organization all the dommes (no doms this time) sat down and we began to chat with the subs. I must say, the quality of the turn out was fantastic. Great Mistresses and very worthy subs.

We spent about an hour doing the speed dating. We then retired to the club house and and had a wonderful night dancing, chatting flirting. We finally all went to bed about 11 pm SLT! I think some matches were even made!

We will definitely do this again! I had a great time and I think the others did too during the 8-10 slot. Next time I will even take pictures!

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