Saturday, May 24, 2008

A long overdue update

I apologize for taking so long between posts. Real life has kept me very busy.

First things first. Let's all give Nicolette a big hug of thanks for her help and all her future help. Blackthorne wouldn't be the same without her.

My real life should start calming down now, each week better than the last. So look forward to more events. Nico, Manwa and I are working hard to plan some new, unique events!

Well, despite my not being able to be online much the last couple weeks, I have been productive. Here are some bullet points.

1) The blog now has an RSS feed. Just click the Icon in the URL dialog and you can get the address to add to your accumulator or an email client such as Thunderbird. You will get new posts to the blog sent directly to you without needing to go to the blog to check.

2) Blackthorne just got much much bigger. In addition to Fantasia (a standard sim) three new water sims were delivered yesterday, Blackthorne Reef, Shoals and Sea. Shoals has been sold, but Reef and Sea are available for purchase. See the website for details.

3) You won't see it for a while, but I am working on dynamic web pages and database system to allow you to do many things on the website. I am hoping to add tier check, profile posting, dating services and such. No promises of when or exactly what, but just know, I am working to make Blackthorne the absolute best place to live in Second Life.

I'll have more in depth posts soon, just wanted to get back in touch with you all.

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