Sunday, June 15, 2008

Four New Puppets Crowned!!

Our Love Doll Pageant last Saturday (June 14th) was a smashing success! The turn out was amazing, especially for summer and we had some wonderful love dolls!

We danced danced danced. The conversation was great and some really innovative outfits. Sylverre was a wind up doll, with custom anims, we had a few latex dolls. Yerrika was a tiny Fairy Doll (very cute). A lot of people came to look and chear on the contestants.

As we dance and people joined the prize pool increased from 3000 L$ to 5000L$! So...I bet your wonddering who won? Well, as voting time approached, the contestants all got on stage and danced for us while we cheered and voted. It was close! And the winner is....

Sylverre Dreamscape
Xev Hallard
Stephanie Lindman
Psykira Kohime

That is right! It was a four way tie with each getting 3 votes. Several people got 2 as well. More They all received the Blackthorne Puppet title, the lindens of course and Xev and Psykira became the newest Blackthorne Estate members. Give them a warm welcome when you see them!

Look forward to more great events soon!

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