Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our First Ever "Blackthorne Puppet" is Crowned!

Our very first "Love Doll Pageant" was a great success. Thanks to Nicolette for doing the planning and Manwa, Zulie, Supergirl and Iosef for their help too!

The turn out for the Pageant was better than I expected. We had several wind-up dolls, a maid, a latex bondage doll...and perhaps the most devious of accountant doll! A total of 8 entrants and an enthusiastic group of spectators and judges as well.

The music was great (although I am biased) and we had a great time. So....our first "Blackthorne Puppet" is....Rachel Breaker!! Her Wind Up Doll was amazing. Custom anims and perfect skin, clothes and yes a bathing cap! Feel free and IM her to congratulate her! Look forward to our next events!

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