Saturday, March 15, 2008

What is the Blackthorne Community?

I should have written this post first! Anyway, if you are reading this you are interested and want to know more. This post is just a brief introduction. Reading other blog entries or IM Minh Ahn in world to learn more!

I created the Blackthorne Community to fill what I feel is a void in Second Life, residential land with a sense of community. Although we are a BDSM community, I think all of our residents so far would say that even more important is we are friends and family. In fact, I do believe anyone would enjoy many of the aspects of our community, even if they are not into BDSM.

We are also instituting a title system to facilitate BDSM role play and interactions. Its based loosely (some would say very loosely) on European feudal systems. The goal is not to become role play nazis, but rather to facilitate social interactions. Something that I think is lacking in most BDSM clubs and sims.

The focus of community development is our club house, referred to as the club house, Stephanie's Secret Garden and Blackthorne Gardens. It serves as a meeting place, a place to hang out, hold events and in the near futures we'll hold classes and other such events. Its a great place to meet new people, romance them, chat with them, flirt with them, then move on to more private places if the mood takes you.

The community consists of land owners (the primary income comes through land sales and tier payments) and paying members. Membership fees are currently set at 350L/month. We also welcome anyone to the club house and other public areas. Land owners and paying members receive other benefits such as use of titles for role play, access to members only land, invitations to members only events and discounts on any products offered for sale in the info center.

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