Thursday, March 20, 2008

Updates and Plans For Blackthorne!

We had a great Grand Opening Party with Kyle Saturday. I think our Bondage Ball will go great as well. So what is in store at Blackthorne?

Well first I have 3 new sims on order. The first, Blackthorne Nocturne, should arrive any day (Lindens are being slow) and is 100% residential. There is already a waiting list for that one, so if you are interested or know anyone interested let me know. There are also two water sims coming in, one the north and south edges of Blackthorne Gardens. Both of these sims will be designed for members to use their watercraft in. There will be land as well each sim with a different purpose.

The north sim, Blackthorne Abyss, will be developed by Stephanie Lindman to be used for capture role play, and also combat role play! Currently, we expect combat to be limited to melee weapons and primarily focus on duels. Have a conflict with another dom(me)? think they have offended your honor? Settle it in Blackthorne Abyss. The details are still being worked out, contact Stephanie Lindman with comments, questions or suggestions.

The south sim is residential and already has a soft commitment to be bought by a single buyer. Although the land will be privately used, at least 3/4 of the area will be water and open for all members to use.

I plan to make extensive use of water sims to make it possible for all residents and members to travel from one sim to another with out having to teleport if they like. I hope to make life a bit slower and more relaxed for those who would like that.

We also have more plans for the club house and other open areas of Blackthorne Gardens! I will continue to host events designed to grow our groups, and make the place a more social place to be. The beginning is always the hardest time, so bear with us as we grow. Some things in the works are more live events, classes taught by our very on Nicolette Poutine and Master Trainer North Hapsburg. I will also continue building and adding places to go, currently on my list are a couple skyboxes for hourly rent (for only 1L to members), one an Asian Themed, the other probably a nice Victorian Theme. Both will be stocked with beds and other toys. On the ground, a tea house where the old info center is. A place for Dom(mes) only to be, subs allowed only with their Dom(me), and possible a sub only place too.

Trinity has graciously allowed one of her parcels to be used as a Town Square. In time we will use this area for a variety of purposes, community meetings, slave auctions and so on. Please thank Trinity when you see this for her generosity!

Our goal is not necessarily a high traffic sim, but rather a place where you can usually find people to socialize with. I am starting to hire more staff. We already have a core of staff there. I'll be making a Staff Post soon introducing all our staff!

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Joe said...

And everyone, please feel free to use our place on parcels 1a & 4. There is a teleport to Elis garden maze skybox in the treehouse on 1a that everyone can use. The other tps have an access list, which I think most of you are on. the only place you really need it to get to is the upper room of the Tudor cottage. If you want access, please IM Elisaveta and she will be happy to add you.

Your ob't, etc.

Baron Iosef