Tuesday, February 26, 2008

So You Bought some Land...Part 1 (Deeding Your Land)

So you bought some land, from me or anyone else. You are ready to terraform like no one has seen before, put your dream house down and landscape a place so nice, traffic will instantly put you on the top 10 list! STOP!

Before you delve into all this you should do two things. First: create a land owners group, Second: deed your land to this group. This is absolutely mandatory people starting a rental business, but also almost necessary for anyone else. What does this do for you? For all land owners, this allows you to control access, object creation and entry. If you don't do this, griefers are sure to find your land eventually and cause all sorts of problems. For people running rental businesses, you must deed your land if you want your tenants to be able to run their own media on their rented parcels. So, how do you do all this? Lets start with deeding your land.

First, what kind of group should you create? If this land is your own personal land, you may already have a friends and family group. If not, make one! Set roles and abilities so that only people you trust can do bad things to your land but other friends can maybe rez objects for instance (setting up groups, group roles and group abilities deserves its own post, so I will just assume you know how to do this for now). For rental properties, a rental group makes sense. Again, you should set up your roles and abilities so no one can do you no harm, but your renters can do what they need (such as deed objects so they can deed their radios).

Now that you have your group, go to land info. You can access this either by right clicking on bare ground and choosing Land Info, or by clicking on the parcel name and info on the top of your viewer. Got to the general tab and click and click the Set button to the right of group (red highlight in pic). Then click the Deed button below that. Technically you do not own the land now, your group does. That is why you must be careful setting group roles and abilities!

accessNow that you have deeded your land lets control access. I personally don't do this on my own land, but many people do and it is not a bad idea at all. Got to the access tab and click the group box (highlighted green). That's it! Just remember, only people in your group will be able to visit your land now. So make sure and add people to your group, or turn public access back on before you TP people in. Nothing can ruin a promising romantic encounter like being denied access!
Now.. the next step you must always do. Got to Options tab and uncheck create objects and object entry for everyone. You should also turn off Edit Terrain at this time. Alternatively you could go to Objects tab and set the auto-return time to something other than zero. This will cause any objects not set to your group to be returned after a specified amount of time. The first methods will allow only group members to rez or drop objects on your land. The draw back is if there is someone who wants to just quickly make something, you'll need to add them to your group or change land options. The second method allows anyone to make or drop an object. If the don't pick it up, it will be returned to them after the time you specify. The drawback, for me anyway, is I constantly forget to change my active group on land I own, so I make something, then it gets returned to me a short time later. Usually when I've moved on to another project. For my personal land I prefer the first option. I prefer the second option for shops where customers might want to open boxes, but you don't want the boxes to linger.

So, those are the basics of deeding land and controlling access and object creation on your land. You must at least consider this before the griefers find your your land. I have found every time I forget to do this, I regret it!

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