Monday, February 18, 2008

Blackthorne Gardens Is Now Open!!

The first island in the Blackthorne Community is now open and the first residents have already moved in! The island is shaping up to be a gorgeous southern plains with a alpine meadow toward the north. A waterfall and community park are being landscaped as we speak!

A tier collection terminal will be temporarily located in the welcome center which where I will also add land sales information and other information for residents. Everyone should take a moment to meet Iosef and Elisa to see their house and Trinity's house is wonderful as well! Stephanie is busy building her dream house and Eva's adobe ranch comes with a canoe you can paddle around.

Immediate development plans include moving the welcome public access area into the sky, and including a public access club house. Additionally I will continue landscaping the public areas and add a members and residents only dungeon. I have some good ideas for the dungeon, but I think I will let you all see for yourselves when it is done! Also, once I have made enough sales I will be adding water sims with small private islands on each side of Blackthorne Gardens. Futures sims will all be added such that most every residant can sail or paddle to any other place in the community!

If you are interested in purchasing land in this new BDSM community please IM Minh Ahn or Stephanie Lindman. The Island is looking beautiful and I have completed the temporary welcome center. See the attached pics to see how its shaping up. I will be adding the club house and members only dungeon soon. Look for our grand opening event and regularly scheduled community events soon after.

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