Monday, July 14, 2008

This Weeks Events

This week we'll have a Nautical/Pirate theme. We'll be crowning our admiral(s) at the pirate party and also the winner of the yacht races. That's right....two ways to be an admiral! Last week was great, even given my sickness and business! Here is this weeks tentative schedule. If you want to race get a Flying Tako boat. They are easy to sail and real cheap. It's what we'll use for our races.

Monday Jul 14
8pm Romantic Restraints

Tuesday Jul 15
1pm Sex on the Beach!

Wednesday Jul 16
12pm DJ Franklyn Plays goth'n roll, oldschool and neo-folk
8pm Hobo with LadySoft...The Whispering DJ

Thursday Jul 17
8pm Pirate Party

Friday Jul 18
1pm Yacht Races
8pm Yacht Races

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