Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello Everyone!!
If you have not heard yet, Many changes have taken place on Blackthorne Gardens.  Minh had Sold it to Me, Trinity, A Few years ago and it has been a slow evolution to the point we are at.  We are the last of the Blackthorne Estates and we continue to thrive, have fun and still have a dance once in a while.  We still have a few faces that you might remember and true to the Blackthorne theme we are still a BDSM community with a few fun places to hang out. 
Things have changed a lot.....The latest news, Eva married Bella this Friday Evening  and it was a beautiful ceremony and the dance that followed, Rocked !!!

Now for the newest News....... Trinity is engaged to her loving and Devoted pet, Armunn!!   A date has yet to be set but be prepared as it will be in the near future as they get themselves and their girls settled in there new home on Blackthorne Garden Estates.

I will be working on this blog more as the time go on so check back often as we keep you more up to date on the events and the happenings from Blackthorne Garden Estates.

Trinity Isabella

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