Monday, June 22, 2009

Memorial for Sir Angstrom Cazalet

Sir Angstrom Cazalet passed away on June 12th. Sir Angstrom was one of the original Roissy Masters, and his many friends at Roissy will sorely miss him.

A memorial honoring Sir Angstrom's life with his Roissy friends was held on Thursday, June 18th in the Palas ballroom. Many of his friends were in attendance.

Elizabeth Weinberg, Miss Di Milev, Miss Jayne Barr, and his sub Jadeflower Wilder spoke passionately of their love for Sir Angstrom and his contribution to each of us at Roissy. Finally, Miss Zen Zemlja read a touching poem, speaking of loss and of hope.

Over 22,000L was contributed by members of the Roissy community to Relay for Life in the name and memory of Sir Angstrom which speaks of the high regard the community held for Sir Angstrom.

A plaque honoring Sir Angstrom's life will be placed in the newly constructed Remembrance Chapel behind the Palais. Miss Deusen Marx generously agreed to construct the chapel as a place for solace and meditation. Once completed, the Roissy community will be invited to use the chapel as a place of quiet remembrance for those we have lost and those of our friends who are dear to us all here at Roissy.

Below is a poem contributed by Sir Angstrom's sub and placed on Sir Angstrom's obituary:

I feel like a rose of glass,
which blooms when you are present.

But when you leave,
so does balance.

What remains is nothing
but shards without you,
unconnected parts.

Jadeflower Wilder

Please make contributions to Relay for Life if you want to remember Sir Angstrom with a gift.

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