Saturday, May 30, 2009

Things a Noobie Should Know by Devlish Beeswing

Noobie Stuff.
There are things to buy, to wear, to use, and to build with, there are three conditions that apply to such things.
No Copy this means you cannot copy it, you only have that one version of it. If you give it to someone else you will no longer have one for your self!
No Mod This means it cannot be changed, its appearance is FIXED. So if it is not quite what you wanted don't buy it.
No Transfer This means this is yours and cannot be given to anyone else! You use it, store it, or destroy it!
If you put something down on the ground, it will probably end up in your lost and found folder sooner or later.
Do not keep making copies of things you will run out of room at the worst possible time!
Make Folders to keep frequently used items, like your current body and shape.
Learn how to move things around in the inventory, create special folders, clothes, footware and other categories. If I told you mine it would spoil all the fun of exploration.
Learn how to use the inventory search function. Try (Worn, then highlight an item then remove (Worn, see where you are in the inventory. Make notes of usefull things you don't do often. Learn how to edit things, so get a pose stand. Don't pick-up every free thing you see, you will fill your inventory quickly enough as it is!
Make a copy of your self BEFORE you edit your appearance!
Use the mini map and Map to find your way aroundeven consider walking (Joke).
Use the Search function to find Places, People and things that interest you.
Learn how to fly! Learn how to emote. Learn how to make friends and not piss people off! DON'T SHOUT!
Keep within the personality of the av that you have created!
And the most important words in S/L Help, Please & Thank You!
Devlish Beeswing May 2009 (Noobie April 2009)

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