Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Roissy/Blackthorne Creative Writing Group Meets Twice Each Week!

The Roissy/Blackthorne Creative Writing group meets in the Palais Brew, the coffee shop upstairs in the Palais Gallery on Wednesday at 5:00 PM (SL) and on Sunday at noon (SL).

Some people come with poems and prose to share. Some writing is about BDSM and some writing is about the everyday feelings of everyday people. Some come only to listen. Everyone is welcome.

We do not criticize. We share our thoughts and our feelings. We learn to know each other.

What follows is a poem from one of our members: Laika Karu

Cyanide Child

Hey Cyanide Child,

Who will you take tonight?

Will it be the one with the sweet-boy-grin and the devil-in-his-eye
or the other one
with the amazingly
soft and gentle... handshake (that took you by suprise -
he being such a tall man.)

Wondering what it would feel like
if he
touched you...
would you... melt?

Would you?
(like butter in his mouth)

Such a tragic thought honey,
to drown in your own bloodstream.
~Laika Karu

Laika uses words which tremble, to shock, to entice, to interest her reader. The spacing makes the ambiguity of the poem even more delicious.

Such poems as this one our group reads and disucusses and thinks aboutl.

Please join us.

Contact elizabeth weinberg for help and assistance.

BTW: The Roissy/Blackthorne poetry slam will be held at the end of June. Consider sharing your work for great prizes.

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