Monday, August 11, 2008

This Weeks Events


  • Tuesday, August 12 (8-9AM): Staff Meeting @ Clubhouse

(1-3PM): Romantic Restraints; MinhDustrial sounds spins romantic jazzy tunes, no gimmicks, no games, just good company and good music.

  • Wednesday, August 13 (12-3PM): DJ Franklyn plays goth, rock 'n roll, old school, and neo-folk @ Clubhouse

(5-7PM): Master Trainer North Habsburg presents his class "Emerging Dominants" @ Town Square

(8-10PM): LadySoft the whispering DJ

  • Thursday, August 14 (7-9PM): Nico's Ear Sex; her favorite songs on the radio and all the friendly chatter you can take in your ear-holes.

  • Saturaday, August 16 (8-10PM): Romantic Restraints

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