Monday, August 11, 2008

Nico's 21st Birthday-Suit Party!

I am finally 21!

I celebrated my 21st birthday at the clubhouse at BTE, this past Thursday, August 7, '08. It was great, and my dream came true when EVERYONE arrived naked! Everyone was probably expecting it (I never wear clothes). The greatest part about it is that I got to spend it with Master and my two sisters. It couldn't have been better, and most (but obviously not all) of the people that I cared about the most were able to come celebrate with me. Too bad we only have one birthday a year... it's my favorite holiday :D!

Aside from the birthday party, I was promoted to GM this past week as well. I'm honored to be trusted with this responsibility, and I won't let anyone down. When Minh first told me about Blackthorne months ago, I was so excited about the idea. I didn't expect it, however, to become my home. I love and believe in Blackthorne, you all know where to find me :D

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