Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Lurve

I am in love, not just a little bit, but major fallen head over heels style. You know that feeling of butterflies in the tummy, head in fuzz…and the aspirations of what could come next.

Have you guessed it?

Those who know Trolldoll, well, may have guessed it is with a toy. Not just any toy but a Trainer Ball Gag. It is gorgeous. The ball perfectly sized to fill a gorgeous little mouth. Originally the ball was red however discovered what a hitch…the taste.

Now for those into taste torture this gag is exceptionally the one to choose. However, I have used Black bondage tape to cover it with to disguise the taste. In my opinion it looks better, with the shiny black smooth finish. The ball is held in place by four soft purple leather straps. The silver buckles meeting and holding it firm. No escape, no verbal protesting…I can see hours of pleasure….

Back to Sl, if you see a lady walking / flying about wearing a Santa hat that is most likely to be me. Well after numerous people suggested I went shopping, so a friend and I went. We had great fun, in and out of the freebie Malls, picking up bits here and there. I have to also recomend many of the other shops, although some of the items cost but such great value. Any ways, we came home with a new box of kinky toys to play with.
Has anyone got any ideas where I can find a violet wand on sl such as the one below?
Best wishes TD


Anonymous said...

oh my, i seam to remeber you like that toy!

i dont know where you can find one in SL, maybe its time to make one... i will think on this.

great to see you blogging here. I know you will add a lot to the place.


Anonymous said...

The santa hat is gone ... wow ... hard work, but we finally succeeded !!! The question is, how will we identify TD now ?


Trolldoll said...

Good point MD,

How will everyone find me without the santa hat...

Wink. I'll put it back on just for you !


Trolldoll said...


Thankyou for you kind words...I forgot you knew about my RL violet wand. And oh yes I love that toy. End of the month I hope to be reviewing a new version of this classic...

Hope to see you soon xx